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Do you also want a creative super team that can create faster, smarter, more efficient and reliable solutions for the broadcast and media industry? We at August are here to help you!

Our offer


We know how hard it is to recruit top people. We know that it is difficult to create a work environment that fosters innovation, creative thinking and still promotes rational risk-taking. We also know that it takes a lot to bring the best out of people and enable them to perform at their highest level.

In order to succeed you need to believe in team collaboration and a willingness to share thoughts, expertise and knowledge. You also need to promote a work environment where your team can be motivated, successful and loyal.

We have done this and we are willing to share how it is done, no matter if it's for a short term team or a team with a long history together.


We love the agile way of working and have adopted it in our work-processes. We have good experience from working in a structured way with all the unknowns involved in complex technical projects with many integration-points, dependencies, several stakeholders and new decisions and priorities along the way.

We know there is an advantage in daring to make a decision, prove it wrong and replace it by new decisions based on the new findings. Ideas need to be tested in a small format and then evaluated before the next step is decided. It is a continuous workflow driven by proven effect and small steps of improvement.

Let us show you our best agile working practice!


Our culture builds on trust. Trust make you feel secure, you dare to take risks and develop, you more easily recognize your own mistakes and it helps you create deeper work relationships. Also we find and implement solutions more easily as well as we communicate quickly with less misunderstanding.

To build a strong culture, setting aside time for social activities during working hours is required, you need to create the conditions for people to actually want to spend time with each other. Within our culture we create the conditions for that in every possible way.

If you would like to find out more how we did it, we are more than willing to let you in on our ride towards a high level of trust!