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To understand business challenges and opportunities we have used these areas of understanding, which has helped us to create faster, smarter and more reliable products, services and projects. We would be happy to also share them with you!

The why requirements

Often, projects starts with the “How” before we have defined the “Why” - why do we want to add this functionality, why do we what to change that process and why do the customers complain about this feature?

We can help you define the Why! After that, is further analysis required to find ways forward? Have all involved parties been asked to contribute with information and needs?

We can facilitate workshops and make interviews to create recommendations, optional ways forward and write requirements. We will bring our knowledge of the tv and streaming industry. We can support in customer surveys, comparisons of available products/services and add trends in the market as a base for setting requirements and priorities.

Process is everything - use tech - add people

We love tech and all our projects involve tech in one form or another. But tech brings very little without a good process and a story. What are you to achieve, who are you to involve and when are things to happen is all part of the story and together with the answers to those questions it forms the process.

Often tech is applied to an existing process without reflecting over the consequences and whether it actually brings value and makes your overall work more effective. Another common scenario is to introduce tech without paying any attention to the processes you introduce and the extra labour they may inflict.

We help you avoid these traps by applying a perspective to your projects that puts the process first.

Digital Solutions

We support in making manual work digital to get rid of boring repetitive work-tasks, avoid personal dependencies, save time, get rid of human errors and guarantee a high-quality delivery on time.

It is surprising how often we find files being manually updated and sent forward by e-mail making it hard to keep track of changes and latest version. We support in suggesting and creating digital ways of working to update services to new and secure solutions prepared for the fast-moving and complex surrounding.

Please contact us to let us suggest possible ways to optimize your work-routines and support you in setting sustainable strategies for digital transformation.

Product Management

How do you create a product that makes the users happy? Where do you start and what is a minimum viable product? How do you continue to deliver customer value and avoid technical debt? What does it take to make a product successful? How do you develop and execute on the product roadmap? Do we really need to specify and monitor product KPIs?

We can assist in guiding your product to success over the life cycle. We have vast experience from setting product strategies and create executable actions in alignment with a high-level strategy. We can help create the vision, the roadmap and of course the backlog.

Project Management

In order to be the best project manager ever you need to manage all aspects of your projects, including short-term/long-term planning and budget responsibility. Also, you need to structure project milestones and set expectations towards the team as well as secure that project milestones are achieved through continuous and proactive follow up.

Furthermore, you need to act as a communication link between the project team, management, other functions, and/or external partners and collaborate and coordinate between relevant functions. Don’t forget to communicate status effectively in writing and verbally with internal and external stakeholders and of course evaluate project process and results when the project is finished.

You need to be a superhuman.

We are not. But we have tried to be for more than 20 years. We are strong leaders that have the capability to work both on an operative and strategic level. We have worked with numerous project management framework. We love the agile way of working.

We are also strong believers that managing of deliverables, time management, communication, presentation, and organizational skills will create a successful project environment where everyone can do what they do best.

Service Management

In service management you need good business analysis skills and awareness of the business priorities. The service manager applies logical thinking and makes both day-to-day and longer-term strategic plans to ensure that the business solution aligns with the organization and user needs.

We believe that service management is in fact customer service - negotiation - stakeholder - relationship management. Communication and Multi-tasking with a diplomatic touch is often required to make sure that supplier and customer needs are met by the service.

To excel in Service Management is so hard. Let us know if you want us to tell you about our key learnings.

Implementation through integration

We create solutions based on existing infrastructure and make systems in use communicate and exchange information with new systems with minimal impact on services in operation.

We are very good at creating the glue that binds different systems together and make them work together as a whole entity. We can identify and create solutions for identifiers to flow through a chain of systems, we can re-format files from one system to another and we can make sure updates are available to several systems in an intelligent way.

We also make sure the developed functionality works in the existing surrounding with existing systems and work processes.

Change Management

In the fast-moving environment of today change is constant. Change happens during a project and needs to be taken care of to assure that project deliveries are relevant. Change happens after delivery and continuous improvement is necessary to adapt to current reality.

To keep a product or service updated and useful it needs to readjust with changes, otherwise it will die the death of irrelevance. Sometimes the hardest thing is to identify the ever-changing surroundings and understand what impact it has on your ongoing work. Change will always occur and is expected to do so but needs to be handled in a structured way.

We have long experience from, and have developed a good way at, discovering, prioritizing and handling changing requirements to deliver value on time and we are more than happy to share our thoughts with you.

Dedicated Delivery

Our focus is to bring value with each delivery, applying best practices to ensure that project risks are mitigated & deliveries are efficient. For us it is essential that what we deliver is also what the customer wants.

We have routines for assuring high quality from the start of a project, along the way and for handover. We document our work, do demos underway, run trainings, suggest solutions and aim to be as transparent as possible.

We call it Dedicated Delivery.